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 MyVMKFanForums Purpose

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PostSubject: MyVMKFanForums Purpose   Sat Aug 16, 2014 2:38 am

I just wanted to take the time to explain what my intention is with this forum site. I know MyVMK has an official forum site, but I feel like it's too connected with the game in terms of Staff; which makes you behave in a way they see as "perfect", or not being allowed to voice certain opinions on controversial topics. I believe in freedom of speech and I am in no way affiliated with the game. My goal is to have this community ran. You're the community, and you are the most important part of the game. If something bothers you, voice it here. If you are looking for a welcoming community where you wont be judged, or want to be yourself; look no further.

Welcome to the forums, I hope you decide to stay.

-Remember the Magic

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MyVMKFanForums Purpose
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